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#3871726 Feb 04, 2011 at 02:25 AM
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Character Info:
Race: Blood elf
Spec (tell us why you are specced that way):holy, more hots less dots : ) better and more efficient heals since the nerf blow to disc priests.
Link to your gear: (Armory link is fine) ilv351 dont know how to armory link.
Link of WWS or other combat log report (if available):

Current/Previous Guilds:

1. List any previous guilds you have been in. dissonance

2. Why do you want to leave or why did you leave? To be in the greatest guild of all time, hellborn, im still currently in the guild and progressing just fine in normals, i dont know how much further we will get after normals, i want to be a memeber of hellborn ive got a few friends in there aswell.

3. What exactly do you want from this guild? (In the long run.) Progression over epics anyday man, im a relaxed player that enjoys the fun and thrill in downing something you strive for after wiping 30 times on it.

4. Why should we take you over all the other applicants? Becuase, even in my current guild i am an asset, and get praise not only for my heals, but my situational awareness, kindness and friendlness.

Raiding Experience:

1. Do you have a microphone and/or Ventrillo? Yes

1. Stability? (is you internet connection and computer stable?) Yes

2. Raid availability (see schedule above): i raid whenever, anytime works with me, as long as i know in advance so i can infrom wife of what the deal is.

3. Any final comments/notes you'd like us to know? Well, ive just been so looking foward to joining this guild, i really dont know what to say, i know i can perform up to your standards, i know that i concentrate on everything around me not just tunnel vision in raids, i listen and take directions very well, im a damn good dispeller and life gripper. and FOR THE HORDE. thanks for taking the time to review and accept my app! lol jk. - epix
#3878493 Feb 05, 2011 at 12:20 PM
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Accepted for trial.
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